Leyes, Reginald

Portly, jovial, loving


STR: 09 DEX: 08 INT: 14 Idea: 70

CON: 12 APP: 10 POW: 10 Luck: 50

SIZ: 16 SAN: 50 EDU: 16 Know: 80

Damage Bonus 0 MP 10 HP 14


Anthropology: Central America 56%

Archaeology: Central America 79%

Credit Rating: 80%

History: Central America 64%

Other Language: Spanish 35%

Spot Hidden 50%


Reginald Leyes, born Salisbury, England – 3rd January 1809. Reginald was born into a wealthy family who had earned their money through banking and investment. He over indulged himself on fine eating from an early age and was not fit for military service. Reginald devoted his time to studying ancient cultures, particularly the ancient Aztec and Central American tribes. He earned his doctorate in archaeology in 1840 and taught for a while before using his wealth to fund digs in the Central Americas. In 1842 he married Elizabeth Connel. Two years later she gave birth to their only child Andrea Leyes. Reginald set up the Leyes Foundation to ship and store artefacts found on archaeological digs. The Foundation also sold to Private Collectors as well as Museums and Galleries. In 1863 Reginald and his wife were murdered brutally in Kapur, India at their daughter’s wedding.

Leyes, Reginald

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