London, England in the last half of the 19th Century. The shadows are gathering once more, a handful of people are drawn together in these dark times to stand for the light. Their allies are few, their enemies prolific, can the light prevail or will they succumb to the shadows.

This campaign starts December 31st 1866 and follows the lives of several members of the upper classes.

Daniel Merryweather, 34, a missionary and capable medic, spent some time on the Dark Continent where he has learned a smattering of Swahili, he can ride and is a decent shot with a rifle. His bald, Swahili, mute manservant called Kito by his side.

Bertram Stacey, 30, a professor in Occult studies, with an extensive knowledge of History and Medicine, able to read and speak fluently both Greek and Latin and an expert with a Shotgun. Accompanied by his fancy italian male friend Raphael.

Richard George Frankton, 41, an Antiquarian fluent in French, with an excellent appreciation of Art and History and a hands on approach to the care and repair of antiques.

Edwin Starr, 24, Actor of the West End boards, with a quick tongue, dashing smile and an ability to Persuade an audience to travel on emotional journeys for their two hour stay at the theatre. A master of arms able to handle Handguns, Shotguns and Rifles to an expert level and a master shot with a camera! (Currently Missing in Action)

Joseph Sunderland, a priest for the Church of England, has a Parish in Reading. Raised to the position of Bishop for his part in the affair of the Black Pharoah he is also head of the secular Grey Order (Committed to Bedlam)

Francis Willowby, 27, heir to a vast fortune with an interest in Oriental Art, can speak several French dialects to a more than fluent level, are a capable horse rider and a dab hand with the Shotgun. (Committed to Bedlam)

James Woodbridge, an archaeologist studying for his PHD, he is the youngest of the investigators, but his passion makes up for his youth. (Deceased)

Jacob Hale, a professor in Chemistry, always pushing the boundary in his field of science, he is a methodical person weighing up the pro’s and cons, though he will take great risks to further the advance of science. (Deceased)

Vincent Wright, 34, Artist and visionary, attentive with a good eye for a Bargain, a deep seated knowledge of History and a Persuasive manner; observant to a fault and able to blend into the shadows even in plain sight and a member of the Grey Order. (Currently in Marseilles)

St. John Smyth, a dilletante and grandson of a wealthy industrialist, having studied at Oxford he now enjoys the good life. Parties, hunting, parties, boating, did I mention parties? (Oxford)

Sheridan St. John-Smythe, an army Intelligence Officer, thorough, dilligent and handy with a shotgun. (Cambridge)

The City of Shadows