The City of Shadows

The Girlfriend: Part II - Engagement

London, England, October 11th, 1862

James and Andrea were at St James’s Palace at the behest of Carnelian Fairfax who had rented out a wing for their engagement party. Andrew Phillips was there, James’s drinking buddy from University and James met Poppy Fairfax, Carnelian’s sister. James was busy all night, socialising, drinking, dancing, then he noticed his fiancee was missing. He soon found her, she had been arguing with Stavros, he had escaped again but Andrea had the book that had been stolen. The problem was he had made a copy.

October 12th James began to keep a Journal and he looked at the book, it was volume I of a 2 voulme set. He and Andrea set out for the British Museum of which he was a member. There they learned of this book and it’s nature and they loaned volume I to the museum for display. They also discovered that the museum is home to volume II. Dining that evening at the Parish Hotel Restaurant in Kensington the pair notice Stavros eating there too. When the Greek got up to leave James sent Andrea off to the Museum to continue researching and he sat in the park opposite the hotel, watching. He soon spots Stavros leaving and he follows the Greek to the river, where he boards a barge. A lady of the night approached James, but he refused her advances and she flounced off and he realised his purse has gone. James continued to watch the barge, then a bobby told him to be about his business. Luckily Stavros emerged and went straight back to the hotel, James decided to go home.

October 13th James and Andrea are taking breakfast on the balcony of Andrea’s Kensington residence. Over breakfast Andrea casually mentioned she has a contact in the criminal underworld who might be able to help, at the look she gave him he decided not to pry further into this. She also gave him her derringer. James decided to ask his good friend Andrew Phillips to back him up and together they set off for Limehouse Arriving at The Contact House, the door opens of its own accord and James and Andrew enter an opium den. At the back of the den is a cutain hanging over a doorway, they walk through it into a dimly lit room where an oriental man greets them, he seems to be expecting James, but for some other purpose than their current one, the strange oriental man gives them a piece of paper that simply reads “The Riversman Public House”

The pair head to the river and pay a rough looking gent for directions. At The Riversman



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